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 Caplugs has a full line of products to protect CGA valves and compressed gas cylinders. Used in a wide range of specialty, medical and industrial applications, this line includes protective netting for cylinders, caps for valves with external threads, plugs for valves with internal threads, protective valve sleeves and reusable tethered vinyl caps.

Caplugs compressed gas valve and cylinder protection parts provide:

  • Easy installation and removal
  • Snug fit during shipment and storage of your product
  • Reliable and economical product protection
  • Hundreds of sizes, styles and colors available for immediate shipment
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EZ SeriesPC/CE SeriesVTC SeriesTV Series
CPT SeriesSVS SeriesUES SeriesPVW Series
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Netting to Protect Gas Cylinders
Netting to Protect Gas Cylinders
We offer a full line of Sleeve-Web® plastic netting for compressed gas cylinders. It provides low-cost protection against physical damage such as unsightly scratches and rust build-up, resulting in less maintenance and longer cylinder life.

Netting not only protects the tank from damage, but also secures DOT mandated precautionary labels on cylinders from damage, fading, tearing or accidental removal during handling. Cylinders with missing or damaged labels will often be refused and sent back to the tank manufacturer. Avoid this inconvenience by using Caplugs cylinder netting to keep the labels intact and sheltered, while still allowing them to remain fully legible.

Cylinder netting is available in a variety of colors for tank designation. Using our brightly colored netting, a tank can be quickly identified as empty, dysfunctional, or full and ready to deliver.

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Die-Cut Capabilities
Die-Cut Capabilities
We can die-cut any shape, from simple circles and squares to complex designs. Our die-cutting process is ideal for creating cylinder collars in a wide variety of colors and materials. Customize your collar by pad printing a tank designation, instructions, or even your company name on the face of the collar.

From rigid, durable materials to soft, flexible variations, we can produce a die-cut part more quickly and efficiently than anyone in the industry.

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Custom Capabilities
Custom Capabilities

If you can't find a part to meet your needs, Caplugs will create one for you. You will work one-on-one with a design engineer dedicated to your project. From part design and prototyping to production and shipment, Caplugs can take you through the custom process more quickly and economically than anyone in the industry. With a full staff of design engineers and an in-house toolroom, you will have complete visibility and control over the project at all times.

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