Plugs for Round Tubing

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Plugs for Round Tubing - CCF SERIES

With durable construction and excellent gliding edges, we recommend the Series CCF Round Plugs for use on a wide range of metal furniture, appliances and similar items. Because they feature a series of tapered ribs, a secure fit is ensured. A thick, impact and abrasion resistant base makes Series CCF Plugs ideal tubing closures for products subject to heavy-duty service or exposure to adverse environments. Caplugs Rib-Lok Load-Bearing Furniture Glides are not subject to rust or corrosion.

Material: Low-Density Polyethylene
Color: Black

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Caplug NoDim BTo Fit Tube OD INTo Fit Wall ThicknessUnit of MeasureColorQuantityAmountAdd to Cart Sample 
CCF-1/2-13-140.450.50013-14 Ga. (.095-.083)N/A
CCF-1/2-16-200.450.50016-20 Ga. (.065-.035)N/A
CCF-5/8-10-12 DOME0.450.62510-12 Ga. (.134-.109)N/A
CCF-5/8-14-200.440.62514-20 Ga. (.083-.035)N/A
CCF-3/4-14-200.440.75014-20 Ga. (.083-.035)N/A
CCF-7/8-10-140.440.87510-14 Ga. (.134-.083)N/A
CCF-7/8-14-200.440.87514-20 Ga. (.083-.035)N/A
CCF-1-10-140.441.00010-14 Ga. (.134-.083)N/A
CCF-1-14-200.441.00014-20 Ga. (.083-.035)N/A
CCF-1 1/8-14-200.521.12514-20 Ga. (.083-.035)N/A
CCF-1 1/4-10-140.521.25010-14 Ga. (.134-.083)N/A
CCF-1 1/4-14-200.521.25014-20 Ga. (.083-.035)N/A
CCF-RT-110.501.37514-20 Ga. (.083-.035)N/A
CCF-1 1/2-8-120.521.5008-12 Ga. (.165-.109)N/A
CCF-1 1/2-10-140.521.50010-14 Ga. (.134-.083)N/A
CCF-1 1/2-14-200.521.50014-20 Ga. (.083-.035)N/A
CCF-RT-13-10.501.62510-14 Ga. (.134-.083)N/A
CCF-1 5/8 14-200.521.62514-20 Ga. (.083-.035)N/A
CCF-1 3/4-10-140.591.75010-14 Ga. (.134-.083)N/A
CCF-1 3/4-14-200.591.75014-20 Ga. (.083-.035)N/A
CCF-RT-195-10.561.95010-14 Ga. (.134-.083)N/A
CCF-2-10-140.592.00010-14 Ga. (.134-.083)N/A
CCF-2-14-200.592.00014-20 Ga. (.083-.035)N/A
CCF-2 1/8-10-160.672.12510-16 Ga. (.134-.065)N/A
CCF-2 1/4-10-140.662.25010-14 Ga. (.134-.083)N/A
CCF-RT-180.692.25014-20 Ga. (.083-.035)N/A
CCF-2 3/8-10-140.662.37510-14 Ga. (.134-.083)N/A
CCF-2 1/2-8-120.692.5008-12 Ga. (.165-.109)N/A
CCF-2 1/2-14-200.692.50014-20 Ga. (.083-.035)N/A
CCF-RT-22-30.842.7507-14 Ga. (.180-.083)N/A
CCF-RT-24-30.843.0008-11 Ga. (.165-.120)N/A
CCF-RT-24-40.843.00013-17 Ga. (.095-.058)N/A
CCF-RT-30-30.773.5006-13 Ga. (.165-.083)N/A
CCF-4-4-81.004.0004-8 Ga. (.238-.165)N/A
CCF-4-10-161.004.00010-16 Ga. (.134-.065)N/A
CCF-RT-381.104.7508-14 Ga. (.165-.083)N/A
Caplug NoDim BTo Fit Tube OD INTo Fit Wall ThicknessUnit of MeasureColorQuantityAmountAdd to Cart Sample 

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