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Hinged Containers - CVC SERIES

Plastic containers with a tethered top to ensure it’s not lost.  Use these containers to package your product and offer the end-user a reusable case to store the product.  These containers are ideal for everything from fishing lures to cosmetics.  An ideal package for displaying your product while providing value added storage to the end user.

Material: Polypropylene
Color: Natural

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To place an order:

1.    select unit of measure, color and quantity

2.    select either “Buy item” (to purchase) or “Sample” (for a free sample)

3.    Click red “Add to Cart” button to add your selected items to the shopping cart

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Caplug NoDim BDim AUnit of MeasureColorQuantityAmountAdd to Cart Sample 
CVC-1.50-1 1/2-HL1.4501.400N/A
CVC-1.50-2 1/2-HL2.4401.400N/A
CVC-2.00-3 1/4-HL3.1201.904N/A
CVC-1.00-1 1/2-HLTBDTBDN/A
CVC-1.25-2 1/2-HLTBDTBDN/A
Caplug NoDim BDim AUnit of MeasureColorQuantityAmountAdd to Cart Sample 

Note:  After selecting items, you must click the red “Add to Cart” button for your items to be added to your shopping cart.

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