Plastic Caps for Threaded Pipe Ends

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Plastic Caps for Threaded Pipe Ends - CE SERIES

Traditional Caplugs CE/PC* Series Pipe Caps - These heavy wall polyethylene plastic pipe caps offer protection for threaded pipe ends. The added length of the CE series caps provide a positive seal on the pipe surface beyond last thread. Designed to secure NPT threads from damage and contamination during transit, handling and storage, CE series are easy to install and remove. The protection they provide will save you time and money. No more time wasted reworking damaged threads, faster installations and more time available for other projects are some of the benefits that Caplugs pipe caps provide.

Caplugs is excited to offer a new patent pending pipe cap design.  This design was developed to make installation quick and easy.  The skirt of the cap was designed with ribs that create an elasticity allowing the cap to be easily pushed onto the pipe end.  The number and size of the ribs makes certain it will retain its shape and adhere to the pipe end. These caps have the durability of traditional pipe caps with an elasticity that ensures they will stay on the pipe until you intentionally remove it.

This new patent pending design (shown at left in photo #1) is available in the industry's most common sizes under the following Caplugs part numbers:

 CE-14     CE-16    CE-18   CE-20   CE-24   CE-30  CE-36

*Note: Niagara CE Series and Caplugs PC Series have been combined into the CE/PC Series.

Material: Low-Density Polyethylene
Color: See chart

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Caplug NoColor 1Dim ADim BTo Fit Thread SizeUnit of MeasureColorQuantityAmountAdd to Cart Sample 
CE-309Black0.530.591/4 NPTN/A
CE-310Black0.670.593/8 NPTN/A
CE-311Black0.840.781/2 NPTN/A
CE-312Black1.050.783/4 NPTN/A
CE-313Black1.310.971 NPTN/A
CE-314Black1.661.001 1/4 NPTN/A
CE-315Black1.901.001 1/2 NPTN/A
CE-316Black2.371.032 NPTN/A
CE-317Black2.871.562 1/2 NPTN/A
CE-318Black3.501.633 NPTN/A
CE-319Black4.001.663 1/2 NPTN/A
CE-320Black4.501.724 NPTN/A
CE-321Black5.561.815 NPTN/A
CE-322Black6.621.946 NPTN/A
CE-324Black8.622.138 NPTN/A
CE-325Black10.752.3410 NPTN/A
CE-326Black12.752.5312 NPTN/A
CE-14Black14.002.8814 NPTN/A
CE-16Black16.002.8816 NPTN/A
CE-18Black18.002.9318 NPTN/A
CE-20Black20.002.8820 NPTN/A
CE-331Yellow22.002.3622 NPTN/A
CE-24Black24.002.8824 NPTN/A
CE-333Yellow26.004.5326 NPTN/A
CE-334Black28.004.5328 NPTN/A
CE-30Black30.004.5030 NPTN/A
CE-336Black32.004.5332 NPTN/A
CE-36Black36.004.5336 NPTN/A
CE-338Black40.004.5340 NPTN/A
CE-340Black42.004.5342 NPTN/A
CE-342Black44.003.9244 NPTN/A
CE-344Black48.004.5348 NPTN/A
CE-346Black52.005.9152 NPTN/A
CE-348Black56.005.9156 NPTN/A
CE-350Black60.005.9160 NPTN/A
CE-352Black64.005.9164 NPTN/A
Caplug NoColor 1Dim ADim BTo Fit Thread SizeUnit of MeasureColorQuantityAmountAdd to Cart Sample 

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