Standard Hose Guard

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Standard Hose Guard - SHG SERIES

Caplugs is proud to offer a new line of hose guard designed to shield hydraulic, pneumatic, and high pressure hoses from damage and degradation from daily wear.  Color coded for your convenience, the SHG series is available in a variety of sizes that fit hoses from 3/4" to 6" in diameter.  Developed with a smooth finished interior to cushion your hoses and a high level of flexibility for ease of movement.  The SHG series is packaged as one continuous piece that can be cut to your desired length.  Use Caplugs hose guard to increase the life of your hoses and preservation of your equipment.

Carton size is shown in feet (e.g. CARTON-100 is 100 feet of hose guard).  The hose guard is packaged in a box coiled, but not on a spool.

Standard Material: High Density Polyethylene
Standard Color: Black

For color coding purposes, the below colors are available for the size noted:

SHG-075-118 - Red (Fits 3/4" to 1 1/2" OD Hose)
SHG-100-128 - Blue (Fits 1" to 2" OD Hose)
SHG-125-138 - Green (Fits 1 1/4" to 2 1/2" OD Hose)
SHG-150-153 - Yellow ( Fits 1 1/2" to 3" OD Hose)
SHG-200-170 - Orange (Fits 2" to 3 1/2" OD Hose)

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Caplug NoDim ADim BDim CUnit of MeasureColorQuantityAmountAdd to Cart Sample 
Caplug NoDim ADim BDim CUnit of MeasureColorQuantityAmountAdd to Cart Sample 

Note:  After selecting items, you must click the red “Add to Cart” button for your items to be added to your shopping cart.

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