Caplugs Aviation
Serving MRO and OEM customers since 1948.

Standard Parts for Aviation

The aviation market has a wide range of protective plastic needs. From access panel closures to electronic connector protection, Caplugs has been supplying the aviation market since 1948. Our products feature closed tube ends and sheet metal openings to protect delicate components when shipping to assembly plants and secure against FOD. Our full line of molded components has been designed to fit common MIL/NAS specifications. Available in hundreds of sizes and geometries, we can solve most challenges with a catalog part. But if you need a product with special modifications, we can also customize material options for existing catalog products. We have a variety of high-performance materials, including fire retardant, conductive, UV resistant, chemical resistant and other properties. If you don't see the part you need, contact our custom team and work directly with our engineers to design and produce a part to meet your specific needs.

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