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Caplugs offers full line of Shercon masking devices
Shercon ® Masking Line
Custom Masking
Tapes & Die-Cuts

As the experts in precision masking solutions, we offer the most comprehensive range of standard masking devices and in-house custom capabilities with the full Shercon masking line. Our broad range of parts securely protects your product during any finishing process including:

  • Painting
  • Powder Coating
  • Anodizing
  • Plating
  • E-Coating

Plus our exceptional team of customer service representatives is always there to answer your questions. And, we’ve effectively reduced lead times with coast-to-coast stocking facilities, so you know you’ll receive your precision masking devices on time, every time.

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When one of our standard masking devices doesn’t meet your needs, our design engineers will work one-on-one with you to develop a custom solution tailored for your application. Our experienced team of engineers will create an innovative, cost-effective masking device to solve any problem. They can walk you through every step of the process by identifying your needs, creating prototypes and developing the final product.

With the right Shercon masking part you can:
  • Improve productivity
  • Speed production lines
  • Enhance finishing quality
  • avoid expensive mistakes
  • Save on production costs

Caplugs carries Shercon precision masking caps, which protect studs, tube ends, slotted holes and more during finishing processes. Our masking caps are available in thousands of sizes, shapes and colors. Whether you require temperature-resistance, one-time use, multiple use or parts that remain on your product for shipping protection – we have the solution you need. All parts can also be color coded for easier sorting and visibility. Caps are available in UltraBake™ silicone and Flex500® to withstand extreme temperatures.

Our full line of masking plugs is available in a variety of designs for complete versatility, easy installation and clean removal. Choose from venting, hollow core, dual purpose plugs and more to suit your exact application. Caplugs also offers masking plugs in UltraBake™ silicone and Flex500® high-temperature vinyl to withstand extreme temperatures. For greater versatility, use our line of tapered plugs that can be used on several different port sizes.

Available in a variety of designs, our full line of hooks is extremely durable and made from high-strength spring steel to lock firmly in place. They also feature a high load capacity for consistent grounding with solid metal-to-metal contact, yet have a minimal hook mark. Custom lengths, angles and shapes are available in addition to accompanying racks.

Masking tapes, discs and die-cuts are extremely effective when masking a flat surface. Both can be quickly applied and cleanly removed, leaving no adhesive residue. This line is very easy to work with, as it offers greater stiffness, doesn’t tear and will remove in one piece. Masking tapes and die-cuts can be used in a wide variety of applications to withstand abrasion, chemical solvent baths and extreme temperatures.

For more unique needs, Caplugs delivers Shercon masking products in odd shapes and sizes including die-cut sheeting, cords and tubing. Available in a range of durable materials to withstand the industry’s most common finishing processes.