Hose protection from Caplugs serves multiple purposes

Many industrial machines and technical installations use hoses, cables and pipes. This also applies to agriculture, the rail industry, lifts and transport technology and the timber industry. Caplugs offers a range of high-quality hose protection that optimally protects hoses and cables against wear, weather conditions, ambient temperatures, leaks and kinking.

Spiral hose of vital importance

Hoses, pipes and wiring harnesses can be compared to the veins in a human body. A machine, plant or vehicle simply cannot function if transporting hydraulics, fuel, compressed air, power, data is not working properly. Moreover, worn-out or heat-melted hoses and cable insulation can cause dangerous situations. Think of fire, short circuits and environmental pollution caused by leakage. In passenger transport by train or aircraft, cable and hose protection is essential for the personal safety of passengers and fellow road users. In the agricultural sector, spiral protection is used for hoses transporting manure and water. Also in many innovative sectors, such as the chemical and aerospace industries, it is crucial that hoses can withstand extreme conditions, such as temperatures from -328 °F to 1112 °F (-200 °C to 600 °C), as well as corrosive substances such as acids and alkalis. As a result, hose lines are challenged to the limit. Hence, industrial attention is paid to proper spiral protection of hoses and cables.

Application determines product choice

So in practice, Caplugs’ hose protectors often serve multiple purposes. Whether it is hydraulic hose protection for machines, compressed air lines or cables for electronics or data, Caplugs has the most suitable hose protection for every application. We list the various products for protecting hoses, pipes and cables.
  • Pig’s Tail™ protective spiral wrap is specially designed to bundle and protect pneumatic and hydraulic hoses used in various industries.
  • Pig’s Tail™ Rail is a spiral hose to protect hydraulic hoses that meets the tough working conditions and stringent requirements of the railway industry.
  • FRAS Pig’s Tail™ is a fire-resistant, anti-static (FRAS) spiral binding and provides additional protection against damage caused by static discharge or fire.
  • Anti-wear sleeve ironclad textile jacket for protecting hydraulic and pneumatic hoses.
  • Anti-wear side sheaths for wrapping or bundling hoses and cables. This cable guide is easy to remove at any time, even without disconnecting the hoses. Ideal for maintenance work.
  • Metal hose protection spiral for the most extreme and heavy-duty applications, such as in mining and quarrying.
  • NightGlow spiral film with this photoluminescent protective film, you mark and highlight industrial hydraulic lines to ensure safety.
  • Pig’s Tail™ electrical protection is specially designed to wrap around bundles of disorganized wires. This coil tape not only helps create neat cable trees for cable management but also protects cords and cables at the same time.

Standard and customized hose protection

So all these Caplugs coil protectors have their specific applications and distinctive qualities. They are all listed in our catalog. However, we know from experience that machine builders, manufacturers and product developers seek a suitable solution for the optimal protection of hydraulic and pneumatic hoses and pipes as early as the design phase. The same applies to cable management and protection issues. In doing so, our engineers are happy to help design and produce customized hose protection solutions. Please contact us for more information.