Caplugs is the leading manufacturer of plastic product protection

Caplugs line of protective closures are used in a wide range of industries to keep items protected during shipment and storage. They are also used to keep open ports free of contaminants, protect delicate threads or finish your product by covering rough edges, exposed bolts, and exposed pipe ends. With more than 9,000 standard parts and 400,000,000 parts in stock, Caplugs can solve all of your product protection needs.


Thousands of caps, plugs and covers to protect components from debris and damage. Learn more »


Caps, plugs, tapes, discs and more designed to withstand finishing process temperatures up to 500° F and beyond. Learn more »

Pipe & Flange

Hundreds of pipe caps and flange covers in stock and ready to ship. Learn more »


Plastic containers, tubing, netting and more. Learn more »


Comprehensive custom molding capabilities with an in-house cleanroom. Learn more »


Thousands of stock and custom parts designed to meet the needs of the industry. Learn more »
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our full line of Caps
- Plastic Caps
- Tapered Caps
- Threaded Caps
- Masking Caps
- Tear Tab Caps
- Tethered Caps
- NPT Fitting Caps
- Load Bearing Caps
- Vented Caps
- Aluminum Caps
- Paper Caps
- Silicone Caps
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- Tapered Plugs
- Threaded Plugs
- MetricThreaded
- Domed Plugs
- Flush Fitting Plugs
- Pull Tab Plugs
- Quick Connect
- Masking Plugs
- Aluminum Plugs
- Silicone Plugs
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- Closed end tubes
- Open end tubes
- Round Tubes
- Square Tubes
- Clear Tubes
- Colored Tubes
- Vial Containers
- Hinged Lid Containers
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- Vinyl Caps
- Vinyl Plugs
- Vinyl Hanger Caps
- Vinyl Anti-Roll Caps
- Vinyl Flange Covers
- Vinyl O-Rings
- Vinyl L Caps
- Vinyl I Caps
- Vinyl Grips
- Vented Caps
- Vinyl Pull Caps
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- Flat Sheet Netting
- Bottle Web Netting
- Cylinder Netting
- Heavy Duty Netting
- Standard Duty Netting
- Light Duty Netting
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- High Temp Masking Tape
- Masking Discs
- Silicone Masking Tape
- Vinyl Shipping Wrap
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- Sheet Metal Edge Liner
- Plastic Grommets
- Snap Bushings
- Universal Bushings
Caplugs Engineers can design a part to fit your needs. From part design and prototyping to production and shipment, Caplugs is your solution provider.

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