Metric Thread Caps

Caps for metric threaded components
As the most widely used measurement system in the world, metric-measured parts are incredibly common and necessary in a variety of settings and applications. But that also means there’s a common need for those components to be protected during handling, transport, storage and even finishing work. Caplugs offers a wide catalog of both threaded and non-threaded metric-sized cap options to meet our customers’ needs.

Metric caps are available in a range of sizes and styles, allowing you to choose a fit and features that meet your product needs. We stock a range of tear-tab caps that are a great option for parts ready to be shipped and used in the field, offering protection during transport and ease of removal for the end user. We also stock the CD-M series for masking, which offers extra versatility for both protection during transport and shipping, as well as a masking option for dipping, painting or plating processes.

Explore the full catalog of metric caps and choose your style, color and quantity to place your order conveniently online now, or call our product team today and let us partner on a custom solution for you.

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