Military & NAS Specifications

The following Caplugs parts are in accordance with the corresponding specifications. Click the series links for detailed product information.

Spec Number Part
NAS 831 EC, MS
NAS 832 CD, TC
NAS 833 PD, HF
NAS 834 T
NAS 837 EP, MS
NAS 838 RP, TF
NAS 839 NA
NAS 840 P-38B
NAS 841 NA
NAS 843 K, RP
NAS 844 SC
NAS 845 NA
NAS 846 NA
NAS 847 NA
SAE AS85049/138 AS138
NASM5501/31 MSC Q2
NASM5501/32 DS Q3

Important Notice

All statements, technical information, and recommendations related to Caplugs products are based on information believed to be reliable, however, the accuracy or completeness is not guaranteed. Before using any Caplugs product you must evaluate it and determine if it is suitable for your intended application. You assume all risks and liability associated with such use. Any statements related to the product which are not contained in Caplugs current publications, or any contrary statements contained on your purchase order shall have no force or effect unless expressly agreed upon, in writing, by an authorized officer of Caplugs.