Vinyl Caps, Plugs & Dip-Molded Products
Using both dip molding and coating processes, Caplugs manufactures a wide range of vinyl products. Vinyl caps and plugs are made using dip molding tools, which can produce parts with variable lengths and thicknesses without the need for custom tooling. With vinyl coating, we take your existing part and add a permanent vinyl layer, providing increased functionality and resistance to working environments. All vinyl products are available in a wide range of colors with further options available to provide enhanced temperature tolerance, UV stability, photoluminescence, texturing and much more.

Material Benefits

  • Withstands intermittent temperatures up to 350°F (177°C)
  • World’s second most used plastic
  • Can be enhanced by compounding it with additives or modifiers
  • Highly flexible to meet a wide range of tolerances
  • Full range of color and finishing options available


  • Dip molding
  • Vinyl coating
  • Free Samples
    Available on all standard parts
    Product Availability
    Products will be shipped as soon as available if not in stock