Caps, plugs, wire harness and other electrical connection protection to prevent damage, debris and discharge from damaging your parts.

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Caplugs offers a broad line of connector parts to keep electrical ports and components protected from contaminants, moisture or impacts that can damage your delicate connections during shipping or storage. We offer a broad range of caps, plugs, wire harness covers and edge liners to protect your parts and serve as a low-cost insurance for your expensive components.

Choose from static dissipative, conductive or non-sloughing connector protection parts available in our standard catalog in an array of standard shapes and sizes. Caplugs also offers several different material options, allowing you to choose from a variety of plastic, vinyl or rubber parts that best meet your specific needs. With over 70 years of experience working with customers in the electronics industry, Caplugs is your trusted product protection partner with an expansive catalog of round, square and common pin-style parts in stock and ready to ship to you.

Protect Your Critical Connections

Caplugs stocks catalog parts and develops custom solutions to protect critical connections. Discover our parts and capabilities for wire harness protection.

Wire Harness Solutions

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Military & NAS Specifications

The following Caplugs parts are in accordance with the corresponding specifications. Click the series links for detailed product information.

MS90376 and AS90376 have been superseded and replaced by SAE AS 85049/138


All statements, technical information, and recommendations related to Caplugs products are based on information believed to be reliable, however, the accuracy or completeness is not guaranteed. Before using any Caplugs product you must evaluate it and determine if it is suitable for your intended application. You assume all risks and liability associated with such use. Any statements related to the product which are not contained in Caplugs current publications, or any contrary statements contained on your purchase order shall have no force or effect unless expressly agreed upon, in writing, by an authorized officer of Caplugs.

Spec Number
NAS 831
NAS 832
NAS 833
NAS 834
NAS 835
NAS 836
NAS 837
NAS 838
NAS 839
NAS 840
NAS 841
NAS 842
NAS 843
NAS 844
NAS 845
NAS 846
NAS 847
SAE AS85049/138
Custom Solutions

Custom Solutions for the Electronics Industry

At Caplugs, we know many applications require a custom part. That’s why we specialize in custom solutions.

With six different manufacturing processes, an in-house tool room and a team of design engineers, we can produce custom connection protection parts faster and more economically than anyone in the industry. We offer rapid prototyping capabilities, as well, helping accelerate the process of development and moving your part from design to production and delivery as quickly as possible.

We also offer specialized material options, such as static dissipative, static conductive and non-sloughing, allowing us to further customize products for your specific needs. Contact the Caplugs team today to discuss your needs and learn how we work to make custom part protection easy and accessible for you.

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When you need a custom protective part for a unique need, let the largest, most experienced in-house team of design engineers develop it for you from initial design to final production. We offer extensive custom molding solutions to meet your cost, performance, and production requirements

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