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Wire Harness Connection Protection

Protect the critical connections on your wire harnesses with protective products from Caplugs. Choose from a variety of standard designs made to fit some of the most common types of connectors and ports, or speak with our engineering team and learn about our full range of manufacturing options and material choices to meet your unique needs. 

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Custom parts designed to meet your specifications

Custom solutions for wire harness protection

Have a unique wire harness design? Caplugs has helped countless customers with custom designs. Purpose built to fit the unique shape, connection styles used and ESD protection needs, custom designs are developed with our engineering team. Whether you work with us from the start of your process or send us your existing design to analyze and create a part, we partner with you to develop the custom solution you need.

Customized parts made from molded vinyl, plastic or rubber

Injection, vinyl dip and compression molding options

Conductive and static dissipative ESD materials

Non-sloughing materials and other features available

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Standard options available for your needs

Caplugs offers a wide range of standard, conductive and static dissipative protective caps and plugs to protect wire harnesses at every stage. From manufacturing and shipping to storage and installation, prevent damage from impacts, moisture or contaminants with our selection of protective products.

Options that meet military and NAS specifications

Choose from vinyl, plastic or rubber materials

Conductive and static dissipative ESD options

Non-sloughing materials and other features available

Round, square and common pin-style shapes in stock

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