Compressed Gas

Component and product protection for valves and tanks

Protection for Gas Valves & Tanks

Compressed Gas Protection Solutions

As the experts in precision masking solutions, Caplugs offers the most comprehensive range of standard masking devices and in-house custom capabilities, including the full line of Shercon masking products. Our broad range of parts are designed to securely hold, cover or protect your product during any finishing process, including painting, powder coating, anodizing, plating and e-coating.

Caplugs’ full line of plastic molded components provides superior compressed gas valve and tank protection. Used in a wide range of specialty, medical and industrial applications, our compressed gas protection line includes protective netting for tanks and a variety of sleeves, caps and plugs for valve protection. We also offer tamper-evident seals that can help ensure the integrity of your products in the field and show if a product may have been disturbed while in transit or storage.

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Custom Solutions

Custom Compressed Gas Protection

Our custom process allows us to develop unique masking solutions more quickly and economically than anyone in the industry.

As a global leader, we have the facilities, molding capabilities, engineering resources, quality certifications and processes to meet your needs. Our world-class sales and service team will work alongside you at every step in the process to develop custom parts that fit your exact requirements.

A dedicated sales engineer works with you one-on-one to fully identify and understand your challenges – the application for your component, the environmental factors and challenges in the process. Our engineers will then develop a prototype to review and confirm the fit before moving to manufacturing and delivery. From concept and design to tooling and full volume production, we work as your partner in product protection, and offer the worldwide capabilities to deliver the parts you need on time and on budget quickly – no matter where you are or what you need.

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When you need a custom protective part for a unique need, let the largest, most experienced in-house team of design engineers develop it for you from initial design to final production. We offer extensive custom molding solutions to meet your cost, performance, and production requirements

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