SVS Series

Oxygen Cylinder Post-Valve Sleeve

SVS Series oxygen cylinder post-valve sleeves protect the delicate valves of oxygen cylinders.

  • Easily slips over the valve and locks into place
  • Can only be removed by using the tear-tab
  • Tear-tab provides a tamper/use evident seal ensuring the medical tank delivered is full and free of contamination
  • SVS Series sleeves are patented

    There are three styles of the SVS Series available:

    • SVS-1 is designed for valves that don't include a washer
    • SVS-2W accommodates valves with washers
      • Easily slips over the valve
      • Provides a snug fit, ensuring it stays on the tank during transit
    • SVS-500 is a smaller version than both SVS-1 and SVS-2W
      • Same lock-in feature and tamper/use evident
      • Reduced size covers less of the valve

    Material: Low-density polyethylene
    Service Temperature:  -94 - 175° F (-70 - 79° C)
    Standard Color: Green