Design a part

Expert custom solutions and unmatched support

Whether you need a unique size, shape, material or color, or have specific requirements for your process, our full team of in-house engineers will work one-on-one with you through every step of the process, from initial design to final production.


Streamlined Process

Design & Collaborate

Our experts will work with you wherever your project starts. We can do a full design for manufacturing analysis on your existing design to ensure the most cost-effective and efficient solution.

Rapid Prototyping

Prototypes built in house to confirm fit requirements before production approval, ensuring high-quality outcomes. Single cavity prototype tools are used to prove our designs.

Advanced In-House Tool Fabrication

For shorter lead times and lower costs, we can build
tools in as little as four weeks. We offer a wide range of cavitation options and an extensive
library of existing tools for scalability and efficiency.

Full Production Capability

Our wide range of manufacturing and equipment options allows us to efficiently produce the parts you need, whether a small volume run or millions of parts a year.

Logistics Support

We offer shipment and inventory solutions such as JIT, EDI, Portal Management, ASNs and more. Caplugs can
also provide flexible and specialized packaging
options to meet customer needs.


Engineering Experts

With our design expertise, in-house tool room and extensive molding capabilities, we can produce a custom part quickly and economically. Let the largest, most experienced engineering staff in product protection develop exactly what you need.

  • 15 SolidWorks stations
  • 3D modeling
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Advanced tool room
  • 3,000 production-ready custom molds
  • Experience with hundreds of materials

To develop a solution that meets cost, performance, production or other requirements, we offer six different molding processes.

  • Over 70 years of experience
  • 200+ machines ranging from 7 to 1,000 tons for a wide range of part sizes
  • Scalable process that accommodates small runs or large volumes
  • Choose from hundreds of materials and additives for parts that perform – UV stable, chemical resistance, gripping finish and more
  • Clean Room and white room molding available
  • 100+ standard styles – catalog product is in-stock and ready to ship today
  • Sample any catalog part for free – we want you to find the part that fits your application the best
For Your Custom Molding Needs
  • Comprehensive in-house custom capabilities
    Exclusive interchangeable mold base system for lower cost custom solutions with shorter lead times
    In-house toolroom for the most efficient process and parts that meet spec
    Team of dedicated Design Engineers to take you from design to prototyping to PPAP and full production

  • Full secondary department to modify existing parts – customize one of our existing parts
    Add ventilation holes
    Star-cut and slit product for pass through access
    2-color pad printing

For information pertaining to our comprehensive quality management system,
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  • Leading supplier of dip-molded vinyl caps and plugs
  • State-of-the-art automated process
  • Greater versatility without extra costs
  • Scheduling flexibility
  • Large volume production capabilities
  • Variety of shapes, sizes, colors and materials
  • Internal tool room for quicker turnaround and savings
  • 17 machines produce 35+ standard part styles
Custom Capabilities

Our dip molding experts will work with you one-on-one to discuss and review the best solution for your needs. The dip molding process allows us to offer many parts in several lengths and thicknesses as well as a range of material additives - temperature resistance, UV stable, photo luminescent and more. 

Caplugs’ extrusion product line includes edge liners as well as packaging and netting products.  Our packaging and netting items are designed to protect parts from contaminants causing damage. Our plastic tubing, netting and containers are available in a wide variety of sizes, styles and colors. These products are ideal for industrial and consumer packaging, and can also be used as finished packaging solutions.

  • Latest extrusion technology allows quick changeovers
  • Tubing, netting, edge liners and other profiles
  • Cut to desired length in-line or run in spools
  • Online Fly-knife and planetary cutters for different cut types
  • PETG, LDPE, HDPE, PP, PVC and conductive materials

Caplugs Sleeve-Web is used to protect smooth, threaded or cylindrical parts as well as flat, irregular or nesting parts. A special series is also available for compressed air cylinders and bottles.  


Our clear tubing is often used as an attractive package for displaying your product while also protecting it. Available in a wide variety of diameters and lengths.

Edge Liners

Caplugs’ edge liners offer protection from sharp edges and openings in sheet metal. Grommets are available to protect electrical insulation, hoses and cables installed through holes punched in metal.

Custom Rubber Parts

An extensive line of rubber parts and engineering services allows Caplugs to meet the needs of our customers in all markets. The goal is to manufacture quality parts, while keeping costs down. Each project is evaluated at the quote stage and hardened tools are used on each project. The Caplugs team has over half a century of experience in the rubber industry and can assist you with the best possible solution. Here are the key capabilities of our operation.

  • Injection, compression and transfer molding
  • 70 presses available – 50, 100, 200, 350 and 500-ton
  • Rubber-bonded-to-metal
  • High precision die-cut products
  • Tool development in the USA with plant involvement
  • Material development and mixing at the plant – EPDM, NR, NBR, SBR, HNBR, CR, IR, FKM & Silicone
  • Certified Lab for testing
  • High precision cryogenic flash removal
  • IATF16949 and ISO14001

Regardless of the challenge, we offer solutions based on our extensive industry expertise and superior customer service and technical support. Our experienced staff will work with you to provide the best recommendations and service for any of your applications. This includes the following services.

  • Product design based on concept envelope
  • Material selection
  • Prototype evaluation and parts in 2 to 3 weeks
  • Compound development
  • Value-added services
Single-Source Solutions

With over three hundred customers and thousands of engineered products Caplugs has become a one stop shop for rubber solutions. These customers in a variety of markets have relied on our many years of experience. These markets include the following.

  • Automotive – door/hood grommets, body plugs, duckbills, suspension, bumpers and seals
  • Aftermarket Automotive – hoses, spark/coil boots, seals and outer body
  • Industrial – Pump seals/grommets, tube plugs, clamp cushions, balls and seals
  • Roofing – EPDM flashing stand pipes, corner supports, seals and grommets
  • Appliance – door grommets, seals, plugs, caps and bumpers
  • Equipment – connectors, pads, handles, seals, grommets and supports
  • HVAC – grommets, caps, plugs, isolators and mounts
  • Rubber to metal – threaded isolators, flapper valves and furniture feet
  • Medical – pulse/oxygen sensors, caps, plugs, stoppers, masks and duckbills
Compound Development and Mixing

We do our own compound mixing for specific material performance attributes and have our in-house chemists test to assure performance and consistency. We are also able to develop custom compounds, as needed, to meet specific performance requirements for your unique application as follows.

  • Custom coloring for market branding
  • Self-lubricated NR and CR for assembly issues
  • UL94 5VA flame resistant EPDM and CR
  • Wear resistant SBR
  • FDA and medical grade Silicone
  • High temperature resistant Silicone with dielectric strength properties
  • FDA grade EPDM

View our standard rubber products

Caplugs offers permanent vinyl coating for your metal products. From grips and hooks to furniture and more, we can coat your product in a wide variety of vinyl colors and finishes. From ergonomic foams to colorful double dips and UV resistant formulas, our team of experts can coat your product with a permanent finish that will not slip, rip or tear off.

  • Ideal for metal or heat-resistant products
  • Functionality and durability with finished look
  • UV-resistant coatings
  • Ergonomic benefits
  • Thousands of colors and finishing options
  • Ship us your parts, we dip and return finished product to you

 Our die-cutting process is done in-house and is fully customizable, ensuring a quick turnaround and economical pricing.

  • Standard and custom materials, including adhesive backing
  • Cut up to 60"x120"
  • Four processes available: sample plotter, rotary die cutter, steel rule
    die machine and flash cutter
  • Designed from a Solidworks, CAD, .jpg, or .pdf file
  • No tooling needed allows for lower costs and faster production
  • Customized kit designs for multi-mask projects – ideal for use in automotive and aviation components
Custom Capabilities

Caplugs can die-cut any shape from simple circles and squares to complex designs. From rigid, durable materials to soft, flexible variations, we can produce a die-cut part more quickly and efficiently than anyone in the industry can.


Custom Parts Videos

Custom Product Protection & Masking Devices
Custom Medical Plastic Molding Solutions
Hundreds of Cap, Plug & Masking Materials Available

High Performance Materials

Our team of experienced design engineers will help you select the right material from many available options to suit your application. Caplugs also has custom compounding abilities to formulate a unique material for your specific need.

  • Low-density polyethylene
  • Conductive polyethylene copolymer
  • FlexTemp (thermoplastic rubber)
  • Vinyl
  • Steel & zinc plate
  • Neoprene
  • High-density polyethylene
  • Static dissipative polyethylene
  • Recyclable polyethylene
  • Flex500™ Vinyl
  • Silicone
  • Aluminum

Three Customization Solutions

Because every part and application has its own set of exact fit, temperature and quality requirements, Caplugs offers a wide range of customizing solutions from fully custom part design to hybrid modification and secondary finishing options.

Full Custom

Bring us your challenge and our team can deliver a fully custom solution unique to your challenge.

Modification of Standard Catalog Parts

We can start with a part in our catalog and modify it slightly to fit the exact specifications you need.

Secondary Finishing

Cut, slice, hole punch or pad printing might be the secondary operation needed to make a standard part work for your specific application.

Design for Manufacturability

Caplugs can help fully analyze your exact needs and medical part requirements to help simplify manufacturing, transport, storage and protection capabilities. Learn more about how design for manufacturability (DFM) applies for plastic medical products.

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When you need a custom protective part for a unique need, let the largest, most experienced in-house team of design engineers develop it for you from initial design to final production. We offer extensive custom molding solutions to meet your cost, performance, and production requirements

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