Hose Guard & Spiral Wrap

Protection for all your critical hoses and connections

Protect critical hydraulic and pneumatic hoses in even the harshest working conditions with hose guard and spiral wrap products from Caplugs.
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Safeplast protective hose guard
Safeplast hose guards feature a left-cut design and come in a wide range of colors and sizes, available in smaller pre-cut lengths or ordered in custom cut-to-length sizes for easy installation.
Pig’s Tail protective spiral wrap
Caplugs carries the full range of Pig’s Tail spiral wrap products to fit any size hose or cabling, all made at and shipped from our Buffalo, N.Y. facility.
Service plugs make maintenance easier
Our service plugs for industrial use and food service equipment plug hoses and ports to prevent spills.
The Wrap Man wrapping unit
Installing your spiral wrap is a breeze with the simplicity of our Wrap Man unit. See how it works before placing your order.
Pig's Tail Wrap Man
Custom Solutions

Injection molding solutions for unique challenges