Below is the list of patents held by Caplugs Evergreen. Each patent issued is a result of the work of our design engineers and research and development team.

During the design process, our team of engineers work with our customers to identify application challenges and needs. This research includes part performance, user application/removal and more.

We are thankful to those that have participated in product testing and have provided feedback, as it allows for us to build and strengthen our product line. Our team routinely reevaluates our products, as part of our continuous improvement program along with our ongoing product offering expansion program.

Patent # Patent Title Related Products
8,470,268 Oral Fluid Collector Sputocol
D678,516 Oral Fluid Collector Sputocol

Histology Slide and Paraffin Block System 

Slide-Sette Savers

6,931,821 Tamper Evident Vial Cap and Integrity Assurance Method Tamper Evident Vial Cap
D638,138 Test Tube Rack Test Tube Rack

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