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Packaging and protection for shipping, storage, transport and more

Protect your parts during shipping and transport and products with tubing and caps, protective netting, packaging and containers available from Caplugs.
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Tubing for storage, shipping and merchandising
Caplugs offers open- and closed-end tubing and a full range of caps and plugs to store your products.
Protective netting for cylinders and unique shapes
Netting easily protects gas cylinders during transport or stretches to protect odd-shaped parts.
Specialized materials and features for your specific applications
Choose from static dissipative parts, netting with rust protection, hanger caps and many other options.
Caplugs Extruded Netting
Caplugs makes extruded netting solutions in house, available in a range of colors and different levels of elasticity to meet your specific packaging needs. Learn more and shop our full selection today.

High Performance Materials

You need masking you can trust in high-temperature conditions or in precision finishing work. We offer a range of standard material options for parts to meet your needs, and custom solutions for specific applications.
  • Low-density polyethelene
  • High-density polyethylene
  • PETG
  • Vinyl
  • Steel & zinc plate
  • Silicone
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Material temperature ratings range from 150°F to 650°F. Find the best material for your environmental needs.
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Custom Solutions

Injection molding solutions for unique challenges