Packing and protective solutions for shipping, storage, transport and more
Caplugs offers a range of packaging products designed to protect parts from impact damage during shipping and storage, or even as a finished packaging and display option for retail settings.

Our reusable plastic netting is available in flat sheets or sleeves, with varying strength and color options to meet your specific requirements. This plastic netting will effectively cushion your components and protect finished surfaces from scratching during transit.

Caplugs also offers clear and tinted plastic tubing options and container plugs and caps. Choose from a wide variety of sizes, styles and colors to meet your specific packaging needs and company branding. These containers can be reused for other purposes, and we can also customize your container with pad printing of your company logo or contact information to help promote your brand beyond the container’s first use.

Find tubing, netting, containers and other protective solutions for your industrial and consumer packaging, shipping and storage needs at Caplugs. Shop our full catalog online today, or contact us to schedule a conversation with our experts about custom solutions for your products.

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