SC Series

Sleeve Caps for Tube Ends

SC Series sleeve caps are designed to fit outside diameters of tubing with a snug friction grip. This series is ideal for capping and protecting both threaded and non-threaded tubing and rod ends. They also make excellent masks for painting, plating or grit-blasting operations.

  • Available in over 130 different ODs and lengths

Material: Low-density polyethylene (SC-5/64 is polyolefin elastomer)
Service Temperature: -94 - 175° F (-70 - 79° C)
Standard Color: Red
Applicable Specs: NAS 844

Note: SC-155, SC-159, SC-157, SC-161 and SC-176 have external ribs

Note: SC-1805 and SC-981 have internal ribs

Note: Micropack sizes have a minimum 3 day lead time.