We have been serving the MRO and OEM customers in the aviation industry since 1948. We don’t just sell parts — we’re here to
ensure your needs are met with the right part that protects your product or component during shipment, storage, assembly, repair, refurbishment and finishing processes. Caplugs’ vast molding capabilities, aviation industry expertise and global reach make us an
ideal partner and single source for all of your molded component needs.

As the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) explains, it’s important to use protective caps on all connectors when equipment is disconnected to prevent contamination or damage of contacts. That’s why we’ve developed a full range of molded components, masking devices and finishing parts specifically for the aviation industry to help you meet and exceed FAA regulations. Our molded components also adhere to a wide range of MIL/NAS specifications. If one of our standard parts cannot precisely cover your component, we have a full range of custom molding capabilities that allow us to develop a part that does.

Below is a sampling of the types of aviation protection Caplugs provides:

  • Protect open ports from FOD
  • Cushion delicate threads
  • Hydraulic valve protection
  • Masking caps, plugs, tapes and discs
  • Finishing parts for high visibility
  • Tube and duct protection
  • Wing and landing gear protection
  • Stud protectors
  • Bearing protectors
  • Assembly guides
  • Window masks for stripping and painting
  • Edge liners
  • Grommets

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