Masking Caps

Masking caps and Shercon masking solutions
Protect your product openings, fittings and connections throughout the finishing process with Shercon masking solutions and the full range of masking caps from Caplugs.

Choose from an extensive range of masking caps at Caplugs, including many temperature-resistant material options, colors and design features. Masking caps are the simple solution to protect your product during painting, powder coating, anodizing, plating or e-coating, offering a precise and consistent fit in a fraction of the time as compared with standard taping. Caps are also available with pull-tabs and tear-tabs to make removal faster and easier, or can be left in place as protection for your product during shipping and transport. We also offer resealable options for reuse, paper options for more eco-friendly operations, and venting caps and plugs that allow air to escape during finishing work or product installation.

Find the right masking plug for your needs by shopping our online catalog, or contact our experts today for help customizing a perfect solution for your product.

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