Pipe & Flange Protection

Tough, durable solutions to protect pipes, flanges and threaded parts

Protection for Pipes & Flanges

Fabricated Component Solutions

Caplugs offers an extensive range of protection options for pipes, flanges, valves and other fabricated components. Our parts are designed as simple and affordable protection options to keep your products and threaded connections protected from dust, debris and moisture during shipping and storage.

Available in a variety of materials and colors, we offer an extensive catalog of standard options – including our patented pull-tab design that allows for quicker and easier removal in the field. Choose from a full range of styles, as well, including vented, beveled edge, heavy wall, recessed end and more. Find the right part for the job – or help with a custom solution – when you choose Caplugs.

Pipe, Valve, Flange & Thread Protection

Find the right part to protect pipes, valves, threaded fittings and more in our extensive product catalog.

Pipe Caps
Thread Protection
Flange Covers
Fitting Protection

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Explore the full range of standard parts built to stand up to the tough work of pipe, flange, valve and threaded product protection in our catalog.

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Specialized Protection for Oil & Gas Industry

Tri-Star Protectors from Caplugs specializes in thread protection solutions for OCTG. Serving the oil and gas industry, Tri-Star Protectors offers superior new thread protection solutions that are made to withstand tough conditions and difficult working environments. With the widest range of products in American Petroleum Institute and premium thread types, Caplugs stocks an unmatched inventory of both new and reconditioned thread protectors, available for immediate delivery. Find the parts you need at Tri-Star Protectors.

Tri-Star Protectors
Custom Solutions

Custom Pipe, Flange & Thread Protection

Looking for a specialized solution for a unique component or project? Caplugs can help.

Our sales engineers can work with you to develop a custom solution for your application. Whether you need customized features or a new size for an existing catalog part or a solution designed from scratch for a brand-new product, our experts work alongside you to understand your needs,

environmental and material considerations and more. From concept and design to tooling and full volume production, we work as your partner in product protection to deliver the right solution.

Click below to learn more about our six manufacturing processes, read about our custom design process or contact us for a quote today.

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When you need a custom protective part for a unique need, let the largest, most experienced in-house team of design engineers develop it for you from initial design to final production. We offer extensive custom molding solutions to meet your cost, performance and production requirements

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