Masking solutions for
e-coating, painting, powder coating & more

From tape rolls, die-cut shapes and hooks to masking caps and plugs, Caplugs delivers solutions for powder coating, e-coating and other common finishing applications.
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Shercon precision masking solutions
Caplugs carries the full line of Shercon masking solutions, from caps and plugs to a range of tapes.
Designed to work for you
Our masking solutions are made with you in mind, with a focus on convenience and reliability.
Customizable for your specific needs
Parts and tapes can be customized with our engineers to fit your unique shapes, contours or designs.
UP-SH Series Ultrabake Masking Plugs
The UP-SH Series of Ultrabake™ silicone masking plugs are idea for masking plain or threaded holes, and are tapered to fit a range of sizes. Withstands temperatures up to 600°F.
Custom Solutions

Injection molding solutions for unique challenges