UVCP-SH Series

Venting Cap Plugs

UVCP-SH Series Ultrabake™ silicone venting cap plugs are designed to mask plain and threaded studs or holes. There is a small nipple on the top of the mask which can easily be punctured or removed to form the small vent. 

  • Recommended for powder coating, e-coating, plating and anodizing
  • Withstands temperatures up to 600°F (315°C)
  • Internal lip on the open end provides a positive seal to prevent paint and other contaminants from seeping onto the part
  • Flanged head enables the cap to be manually removed with ease
  • Masks off the hole or stud and allows trapped air to escape from inside the cap through the vent
  • Reusable

Material: Silicone
Standard Color: Various (color coded for sizing)
Optional Colors: Clear, White