OE Series

Open-End Thread Protectors

The OE Series pipe caps shield threaded pipes and conduits during shipping, storage and transit.This series is available in two styles – with tear ring (Grip It & Rip It design) or without.

>The patented Grip It & Rip It™ tear ring* design has the same overall geometry as the standard, but with value-added features:

  • Internal tapered ribs for improved installation and impact protection
  • Internal bead at the open end helps keep moisture out
  • No tools required to remove the cap
  • Color coded for ease of recognition
  • Slightly longer to ensure complete coverage of the threads

*U.S. patents D 615,164 and D 617,426

Material: Low-density polyethylene
Service Temperature: -94 - 175° F (-70 - 79° C)
Standard Color: Various