Hose Protection & Cable Wrapping

Protection for hoses, cabling and critical connections
Caplugs offers a full line of hose protection and cable wrapping products to increase the life of your critical cabling and hoses. Choose from both Pig’s Tail™ and Safeplast™ spiral wrap brands, all made at our headquarters in Buffalo, N.Y. for rapid shipping.

Spiral wrap products make it easier to encase hoses, wires and other vital connections, helping prevent damage while increasing visibility. Products like our hose burst protection sleeve, fire-resistant anti-static wrap and our Safeplast Safe-Spiral ABRA with wear indication offer additional forms of protection. Products like Pig’s Tail NightGlow Spiral Wrap offer improved visibility in low-light settings. Caplugs also stocks cable protector wraps, hydraulic hose guards and service plugs for use in food line service and industrial environments.

Quality, long lasting protection

Manufactured under our stringent ISO-certified quality management system, we ensure consistent, quality heavy-duty products that deliver the required protection and service life for equipment. Choosing hose protection from the leading brands available at Caplugs means a high-quality product you can trust to prevent unexpected damage and downtime on the job. Selecting a reputable and reliable solution can stop costly project delays, repairs or even accidents, offering significant time and money savings in the long run.

Made with highly durable, protective materials

Caplugs takes pride in being a leader in the plastic hose guard industry, offering high-density polyethylene wear protection products that feature UV and anti-static properties while being resistant to chemicals and solvents. We provide hose protection solutions for nearly every application and environment that are able to withstand harsh working conditions and extreme temperatures. Find hose wrap and cable protector solutions online or contact our team today for help locating a specialized wrap option.

Other offerings:
  • Hose Bend Restrictor
  • Hose Abrasion Sleeve
  • Hydraulic Hose Burst Sleeve
  • Hose Caps
  • Hose Connectors
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