SPAB Series

Safeplast Safe-Spiral ABRA

The SPAB Series was designed to provide a visual wear indicator, helping users identify problem areas in their hose protection before a failure occurs. Known as Safeplast's Safe-Spiral ABRA, these hose wraps work like magic, featuring a yellow interior lining and black exterior that will show the yellow layer after excessive wear. As with other Safeplast series, these protective spirals are made from HDPE and feature unique smooth-rounded edges that make this wrap non-abrasive and easy to work with.

  • Exterior thin layer shows the yellow interior with excess wear and tear
  • Withstands temperatures from -60°F to 175°F (-51°C to 79°C)
  • Made with anti-static and UV-protection additives
  • Tolerates acids, oils and solvents

Material: HDPE
Standard Colors: Black (exterior) & Yellow (interior)