PTNG Series

Pig's Tail NightGlow Spiral Wrap

The PTNG Series (Pig’s Tail™ NightGlow) of spiral wrap is designed to wrap and protect hydraulic hoses and cables. The wrap also provides for easy identification of ruptured hoses and cables in poor lighting or dark conditions, helping to prevent mishaps. The fluorescent feature glows in the dark up to 12 hours. The wrap provides protection from extreme temperature conditions (-40°F up to +280°F) and provides resistance to abrasions.

  • Wrap can be charged by any light source
  • Easy charging all day and glows at night
  • Unique and protective spiral wrap that ensures safety of hoses, cables and other hydraulic equipment even in low light or night time conditions

Material: Photoluminescent high-density polyethylene
Service Temperature: -40 - 280° F (-40 - 137° C)
Color: Natural

For more information, download the NightGlow Spiral Wrap sell sheet.