PTPW Series

Pig's Tail Spiral Protective Wrapping

The PTPW Series of Pig's Tail spiral protective wrap provides heavy-duty protection for hydraulic and pneumatic hose, preventing damage and wear. The unique rounded and beveled edges make the wrap easy to install on loose or mounted hoses and cables, and the wrap is suitable to use with equipment operating across extreme temperature ranges (-40°F to 280°F).

  • Designed to increase service life of hoses and cables
  • Tough HDPE material provides protection from crushing and maintains spiral shape
  • UV resistant and protects against UV damage
  • Also available in Fire Resistant Anti-Static (FRAS) for advanced protection and NightGlow which glows in the dark for easy identification of hydraulic lines and protection

Material: High-density polyethylene
Service Temperature: -40 - 280° F (-40 - 137° C)
Color: Black, Blue, Yellow, Red

See our wrap fitting chart to ensure you order the right size for your hose.

For more information, download the Pig's Tail spiral wrap sell sheet.