SFWP Series

Safeplast Safe-Wrap

SFWP Series Safe-Wrap is designed to make it fast and easy to protect and bundle your hoses and hydraulic lines. Safeplast Safe-Wrap installs without requiring you to disconnect lines, making it wasy to secure and bundle hoses or hose groups. The wrap provides resistance to heat, UV damage and abrasion, as well, providing multipurpose protection in a variety of working conditions. Plus, thanks to the proprietary bonding process, you can cut to the needed length with scissors without worrying about fraying.

  • Installs quickly and easily without a need to disconnect lines
  • Provides resistance to heat, UV rays and abrasion
  • Can protect operators from injury in the event of a hose burst
  • Enhances appearance and eliminates need for cable ties
  • Available in 50- and 150-foot rolls*

Material: Urethane-coated 1050 ballistic nylon
Standard Color: Black

*NOTE: When ordering, "Carton" refers to 150-foot rolls; "Minipack" refers to 50-foot rolls.