MOC Series

Mobile Oxygen Caps

MOC Series mobile oxygen caps provide valve protection, ensuring that the oxygen units arrive at the end user with no damage, contamination or tampering. Specially designed to be used with the Walk 02 Bout, Grab ‘n Go®, O2Go™, OxyTote™ and other popular medical units.

MOC-01 fits the small barbed port where oxygen tubing attaches. Exterior ribs aid in the removal process and a vent hole prevents gas build-up.
Color: Black

MOC-02 is a small threaded style cap that fits DISS connections to protect against dirt and moisture. Six exterior ribs allow for easy installation and removal.
Color: Green

MOC-03 fits a traditional, CGA-540 valve which can be used to fill the oxygen cylinder. Can also be used on non-oxygen related CGA-540 valves. Tamper-evident design with pull-tab.
Color: Green


  • MOC-01 - Thermoplastic elastomer (TPV)
  • MOC-02 - Low-density polyethylene
  • MOC-03 - Low-density olyethylene

Standard Color: Various (color coded for sizing, see descriptions above)