VRF Series

Vinyl Rectangular Finishing Caps & Grips (flat end)

VRF Series vinyl rectangular finishing caps and grips feature a flat, closed end.

  • Suitable for many applications, including handle grips, paint shields, end caps and ESD covers
  • Slip on quickly and easily
  • Maintain a snug fit
  • Pad printing is available for personalization
  • New sizes are always being added

Material: Vinyl
Service Temperature: -26 - 350° F (-32 - 176° C)
Standard Color: Black
Optional Color: White, Brown, Orange, Red, Green, Gray, Blue, Yellow

Note: The following items have radius edges: VRF-235x795-8, VRF-1500x3000-16 and VRF-3000x4000-24.

Note: The following items can be used for waveguide protection: VRF-1530x2280-8, VRF-1750x2500-8, VRF-1780x2780-8, VRF-1940x2690-8, VRF-2000x3160-8, VRF-2340x3840-8, VRF-2500x3500-8, VRF-2750x3880-8 and VRF-3000x45000-8

Note: Micropack sizes have a minimum 3 day lead time.