National Pipe Thread (NPT) Thread Caps

Caps for NPT threaded components
NPT (National Pipe Thread) thread caps are ubiquitous in plumbing, hydraulics and a variety of other pipe connections. As a standard threading option used in the industry, national pipe threading is common in many applications, and used in countless products for consumer, industrial and business use.

However, it’s equally critical that the threading for these components is protected, not just during the manufacturing process, but through to the end user. The range of NPT thread caps available from Caplugs are designed to ensure just that. Caps can be used to cover threaded endings, protecting them from dirt and dust, as well as preventing damage during shipping, handling or storage. These NPT caps can also be used as part of a finishing process like painting, serving a masking role to prevent unwanted material or treatment from impacting the quality of the threading.

Caplugs’ NPT caps are meant to fit over male threaded fittings and stay securely in place. We also offer a variety of options in different materials, as well as both tear-tab and reusable-style caps that allow for quick removal in the field.

Find the right NPT caps for your parts and order conveniently online now, or contact our team today to discuss special needs and custom manufacturing options.

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