Copper Tubing Plugs

Tapered plugs made for copper tubing
Copper tubing is used in many settings. From plumbing and heating to gas routing and air conditioning, these systems are a critical part of many vital systems in commercial and residential settings. Make sure that your tubing is protected with plugs from Caplugs.

Our tapered copper tubing plugs are designed to protect openings in these tubes, preventing debris or dirt from entering and protecting important connections. Choose from designs for use with Type K, Type L or Type M copper piping, as well as plugs that offer flush flanges or cross-braced plugs that offer additional protection. Caplugs also offers plugs for copper tubing that includes plugs for easier removal or flangeless designs for use in tight or confined placement areas.

Find the right copper tubing plug to protect your parts and products at Caplugs. Need help finding the right size or need a custom design? Contact us today and let our experts work with you on a custom part to meet your exact specifications.

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