Flange Covers

Flange protection solutions – masking, maintenance and more
Caplugs’ flange cover series provide simple and economical solutions to protect flanges from damage during maintenance, repair or new construction. Choose from a range of protection styles, including flat and raised face designs, as well as full face covers, push-in flange protectors and stud-hole protecting variants.

In addition to protecting flanges during transport and installation, flange covers can also be used as a masking solution. Caplugs offers a range of options that protect fittings, connectors and openings, allowing for painting and other low temperature finishing work.

Find a wide variety of easy-to-use flange covers – available in multiple materials, sizes and styles to fit your product protection needs – by shopping our catalog inventory below. Can’t find the right flange cover? Contact us today and discuss your needs with our custom engineering team and let us partner with you to develop the right solution.

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