Hanger Caps

Hanger caps for display, storage and retailing
An ideal option for tools, retail display, storage and packaging, shop the range of vinyl hanger caps available at Caplugs.

Choose from standard, flat and round hanger tip caps to use with a wide variety of tubes and flat packaging. These caps are available in several color varieties, allowing you to choose a look that matches your existing branding or a range of color choices to match different product lines or sizing options. In addition, the VHC and VHR lines of hanger caps are designed to work with Caplugs’ TRC and TRO ClearView™ tubing lines, providing an easy-to-pair selection for all your packaging, storage, shipping and display needs.

Caplugs also offers vinyl square end caps which help position containers to stand upright in storage or on display. These square caps are also used to prevent tubes from rolling during shipment or storage. And all hanger and square end caps provide a tight, secure fit to prevent accidental removal, protecting your packaged product.

Browse the full range of vinyl hanger caps and place your order today or call Caplugs and let our experts help you find the right solution for your packaging and storage needs.

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