Hydraulic Fitting Caps

Protective caps for hydraulic, pneumatic and other fittings
Protect hydraulic fittings, pneumatic components and other parts for your pressurized systems and equipment with hydraulic fitting caps.

Designed to specifically accommodate the unique needs of hydraulic and pneumatic parts, Caplugs offers a full line of fitting caps that can protect products and components during shipping and storage. These caps can also serve as an option for masking protection, covering threaded ends or holes during finishing operations. Specialized caps are also available to protect any electronics or delicate connections, ensuring that your precision-built items arrive at their final location in the same condition they left your facility and ensuring your product works as it should in the field.

Don’t let a lack of protection lead to damaged parts and a lack of trust in your brand or products. Deliver the right part at the right time and in perfect condition with hydraulic fitting caps from Caplugs. Shop our catalog online now, or contact our team today for special or custom capping options.

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