Hydraulic Fitting Plugs

Protective plugs for hydraulic, pneumatic and other fittings
Hydraulic fitting plugs from Caplugs are multipurpose parts to offer product protection during shipping and storage, serve as masking through finishing processes, or used as a plug to prevent fluid leaks or drainage during maintenance or repair work.

Choose from a wide range of styles, including threaded plugs and push-in plugs, as well as designs that feature pull-tabs or snap-to-connect fittings to make installation and removal faster and simpler. Hydraulic fitting plugs are available in aluminum, plastic and rubber, as well as with specialized materials such as Flex Temp that can accommodate additional protection needs or temperature tolerances.

Caplugs’ full line of hydraulic fitting plugs is available to order online now. Require a specialty plug or a custom design for your product? Let our custom product engineers work with you on the right solution for your needs.

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