Instrument Tip Guards

Protection and sterilization solutions for delicate and sensitive instrument tips
Many instruments and tools used in medicine, industry and manufacturing have delicate end or other fittings that can need to be protected. Our instrument tip guards provide the perfect solution for any application.

Caplugs offers a variety of instrument tip guards designed to protect the ends of delicate medical instruments, tube ends and other projections. Available in multiple styles and shapes, as well as vented and sealed designs, these protective caps can prevent damage during shipping, storage or transport and ensure that your product is ready to use at its destination. Medical series instrument tip guards are further manufactured with FDA-grade TPE or certified USP Class VI silicone which may meet the standard required for your products.

Select your desired style, size, material, color and quantity to place your order conveniently online or contact our experts today to discuss a custom solution for your product needs.

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