Medical Silicone Caps

Silicone caps for medical, scientific and laboratory use
Silicone is a popular material in medical settings due to its flexibility, durability and resistance to high temperatures and sterilization processes. At Caplugs, we offer several standard medical silicone caps in addition to our custom part capabilities.

Our medical silicone caps are molded from a specially formulated USP Class VI grade of silicone rubber, which eliminates coloring agents that could bleed under high temperatures. Our products are also highly flexible, yet durable, making them ideal for sterilization processes, product protection and a variety of other applications.

Can't find a size or style to meet your needs? We can help develop the perfect medical silicone solution. Our custom engineers will work with you from start to finish to develop a purpose-built part to handle your unique size, shape or design.

Shop our full range of catalog parts and place your order online today or call us at 888.CAPLUGS to learn more about custom silicone part solutions.

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