Medical Tethered Caps

Tethered caps for medical, pharmaceutical and scientific use
Medical tethered caps available from Caplugs offer more convenient and secure protection for tubes and ports, helping to prevent contamination or possible soiling.

The tether design attaches the cap to the body of the part being protected, ensuring that caps aren’t dropped during removal while eliminating the risk of loss, falling onto floors or inadvertent contact with other contaminated surfaces. This simple and easy-to-manage design offers enhanced protection for patients, use in pharmaceutical or scientific testing, or in a variety of other applications.

Available in a range of different styles and materials, in addition to a variety of standard size options, these medical-use caps are also a good option to provide easy removal and re-application when draining fluid from containers.

Find the protective caps you need online now or contact our team today to discuss specialized solutions or clean room production options needed for your medical tethered caps.

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