Non-Threaded Plugs

Tapered, flanged, tethered and other non-threaded plugs
Non-threaded plugs are incredibly versatile and available in a range of styles, shapes, sizes and colors. Find the right plugs to meet your shipping, storage or processing needs at Caplugs.

Find dozens of non-threaded plug styles to choose from in our inventory, all in stock and ready to ship. Choose from tapered or straight designs, tabbed or knurled plugs, flanged plugs, push button plugs and many more options. Plugs are also available in a range of material options to meet different specifications, as well as custom color options to match your brand or part need. We also offer secondary finishing options to add other features or pad printing, and many styles have been designed to meet MIL/NAS specifications.

Shop our full catalog online now and place an order today or contact our team to learn more about customization options available from Caplugs.

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