Metric Thread Plugs

Plugs for metric threads
Metric threading is widely used in a variety of products and components, offering versatility and convenient connections. Protect your parts during finishing operations, in shipping and transport or when stored with metric threaded plugs from Caplugs.

Our inventory of metric plugs includes options with pull plugs, pull-tabs and slotted heads, all allowing for easier installation and removal. With threaded plugs, you can achieve a tight and secure fit to protect openings and holes in products or prevent threads from being damaged when handling. These plugs also prevent metric threading from being impacted by dirt or grime and protect threads during finishing operations like painting or powder coating.

All of our threaded plug options are available in a range of sizes, with custom coloring and additional sizes available. Place your order conveniently online now or call our team today to learn more about custom solutions available from Caplugs.

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