Pull-Tab Caps

Caps with pull-tabs for easier installation and removal
Pull-tab caps from Caplugs are designed to offer a more simple and convenient solution for rapid installation and easy removal of protection, streamlining your processes and making protecting fittings and connections in hard-to-reach locations easier than ever.

Choose from a variety of pull tab styles, including flat tabs, ergonomic grips, squeeze pull and textured vinyl options. Easily removable with your fingertips, these pull-tab caps are meant to eliminate the need for tools that could cause unintended damage to threads or adjacent finished surfaces on your products. With these caps, you’ll have simple-to-manage product protection at your fingertips – literally – with pull tabs that make installation and removal convenient and easy.

Explore the full line of pull tab caps in our online catalog or contact us today and let us partner with you and your team to develop a custom solution for your unique needs.

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