Pull-Tab Plugs

Plugs with pull-tabs for easier installation and removal
Pull-tab plugs are designed to provide added convenience and ease of use. Featuring an external grip, pull-tab designs make it more convenient to reach plugs in finished products in tight spaces and allow for simpler removal in the field. Caplugs offers dozens of designs for use in a variety of different applications.

The full range of pull-tab plugs includes designs for masking and finishing applications, snap-to-connect fits, tube end hangers for merchandising and many other styles and shapes. Plugs are available in a full range of materials such as silicone, vinyl and plastic, as well as specialized products like Ultrabake™ high-temperature silicone for use in powder coating, e-coating, plating or anodizing finishing applications.

Explore the full range of pull-tab plugs online and find the right design for your product today. Looking for a custom solution? Contact us to discuss material options, custom sizes or unique shapes and let us develop a custom product protection solution for you.

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