Screw Caps

Threaded screw caps for masking and product protection
Protect threaded products with secure-fitting screw caps from Caplugs.

Threaded screw caps provide a tight and durable seal that keeps out dirt, moisture and other contaminants while protecting the threads from damage. Threaded caps are available to fit standard, JIC, metric, American standard and other common thread styles. These caps can also serve as a masking option to protect products during dipping, painting, plating and other finishing work.

Many of Caplugs’ screw caps are designed to meet NAS specifications, and can be customized with different knurl counts or color options to match your exact needs. We also offer a range of material selections for both caps and sealing discs, delivering further protection and use in a greater variety of applications.

Shop our standard catalog inventory online, or give our experts a call to discuss customizing a screw cap option for your specific product needs.

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