Sheet Metal Plugs

Recessed and flush-style plugs for holes in sheet metal products
Many products are made from sheet metal. Auto bodies, storage tanks, refrigeration units, furniture – the list goes on and on. Caplugs’ range of sheet metal plugs are the perfect option to protect employees, shippers, installers and end users from openings cut in these parts during manufacture and transport while also offering protection and finishing options for your products.

Sheet metal plugs are available in a range of designs to fit rounded holes in sheet metal products. Choose from snap-in plugs, push-in button plugs or flush or recessed designs that can block holes and protect sharp edges in products. These plugs are available in a wide range of standard sizes to fit most common needs and applications, with custom sizing available for your specific application.

Find the right sheet metal plug for protection or finishing at Caplugs. Place an order easily online today or contact our team to learn more about custom sizing and style options available.

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